I'm an independent consultant based in the western United States, focusing on web, desktop, mobile, and GIS development. Whether you have an existing product that needs some attention or a new idea to develop, I'm happy to help.

I provide free quotes and will be happy to discuss any project or idea. Contact me to get started!

Specialties include...
  • Geospatial and GIS software development
  • Websites and Web Apps (PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, etc)
  • Software & web maintenance/repair work
  • GIS web development (OpenLayers, Leaflet, MapServer, GeoServer)
  • File format conversion and data interoperability
  • Software for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Qt / C++ cross-platform development
  • Linux and FreeBSD administration
  • Arduino programming and prototyping
  • Professional marketing websites
  • WordPress development
  • Mobile development with Cordova/PhoneGap
Career Sumary

Accomplished programmer with proven ability to work under pressure and invent solutions to wide varieties of problems across a diverse technology set. Extremely friendly with excellent communication and ability to quickly design and build products with minimal guidance. Areas of particular expertise include web development, cross-platform application development, and geospatial technology.

Master of Science
Idaho State University

Geographic Information Science - Emphasis in GIS software development, file formats, and standards compliance.

Bachelor of Science
Utah State University

Computer Science - Emphasis in information systems programming and design.

Publications & Writing
April 30, 2013
(External Link)
Get started with GeoServer and its REST API
IBM developerWorks
April 2012
(PDF Download)
Considerations for Implementing OGC WMS and WFS Specifications in a Desktop GIS
Journal of GIS, Vol. 2012.4
August 30, 2011
(External Link)
Using AutoCAD file formats with open source libraries
IBM developerWorks
May 17, 2011
(External Link)
Build better web applications with jQuery UI and jQuery plug-ins
IBM developerWorks
February 15, 2011
(External Link)
Bringing data together with OpenLayers
IBM developerWorks
February 1, 2011
(External Link)
Using geospatial data in applications on Linux with GDAL
IBM developerWorks
March 25, 2009
(External Link)
Simple and Clean Menus with jQuery
WestHost, Inc. Blog
March 3, 2009
(External Link)
More jQuery: BlockUI Plug-in
WestHost, Inc. Blog
March 25, 2009
(External Link)
Dynamic Websites with jQuery and extJS
WestHost, Inc. Blog
September 2007
(PDF Download)
Introducing the MapWindow GIS Project
OSGeo Journal, Vol. 2
May 2007
(PDF Download)
Application of Open Geospatial Consortium Specifications to Client-Side Geographic Information Systems
Master's Thesis, Idaho State University
May 2007
(PDF Download)
Evaluation of the OGC Web Processing Service for Use in a Client-Side GIS
OSGeo Journal, Vol. 1
March 2008 - March 2011
Director of Development
Hosting Systems, Inc. / UK2 Group

I drove the development, administration and operations of high-availability web hosting services using Linux. I managed a small team, where we used dozens of technologies and languages including BASH, Perl, PHP, jQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sendmail, Apache, C and C++, cPanel, Sphera, and Xen, among others. We created public services for web hosting and domain management, as well as dozens of in-house tools assisting with support, technical administration, finance and business administration.

Employee of the Month - February 2009
Employee Spotlight - April 2009
Employee of the Year - 2009

July 2007 - March 2008
Assistant Director of Information Technology Services
Pioneer Newspapers

I provided guidance for IT infrastructure, as well as daily operations including monitoring, optimizing and maintaining Linux, Mac OS X and Windows servers. This included developing monitoring systems to strive for a 24/7 uptime of all critical services, developing high-performance PHP and Perl web applications for client and staff use, and maintaining control software for printing presses.

Employee of the Month - October 2007

April 2005 - July 2007
Senior Software Engineer
Idaho State University - Spatial Software Laboratory

I lead the development of a world-renowned desktop GIS application, MapWindow GIS, which I had worked on previously while employed by Utah State University. I made extensive use of Microsoft's Visual Studio, including C++, C# and VB.Net. This included a focus mainly on geospatial software and geospatial algorithms. I also maintained several web sites using PHP and ASP.Net, and performed Windows programming and Linux system administration.

February 2005 - June 2005
Technical Support Representative
WestHost, Inc.

I provided a great variety of technical support and system administration services to thousands of clients, working with Linux and Windows. Working inside of a proprietary VPS environment with "root-like" access, this included typical administration operations for maintaining a LAMP ecosystem.

September 2002 - July 2005
Windows Programmer
Utah State University - Environmental Management Group

I created enterprise data analysis tools for water-related modeling and prediction, and I created high-performance database management tools. I used a variety of languages including C#, VB.NET, C++ and T-SQL, and served in a lead programming role in a variety of projects.

April 1996 - April 2002
Windows Programmer, System Administrator, Partner
Pretium Corporation

My father and I started Pretium Corporation to build Windows-based information management systems for coroners and medical examiners. Primary technologies used include Microsoft Visual Studio 6, SQL Server, Seagate Crystal Reports and InstallShield Professional. In addition to software development, I maintained company hardware, including all software and hardware support and Windows Server administration, and participated heavily in daily business operations of the company.

June 1994 - November 1995
Quality Assurance Tester
Spillman Data Systems (now Spillman Technologies)

I tested software products for bugs and malfunctions, as well as for general usability and function. Software products ran on SCO Unix System V. I attended and passed a Unix Fundamentals training course, and assisted with setup of Wyse and VT220 dumb terminal banks for user conferences.

Scripting, Mobile & Web
PhoneGap / Cordova
PHP, CSS & JS Frameworks
jQuery UI
jQuery Mobile
Compiled Languages
C++ (incl STL, QT)
C#/VB.NET (incl Mono)
Database Technology
MySQL (incl clusters & replication)
PostgreSQL (incl PostGIS)
SQLite (incl SpatiaLite)
Microsoft SQL Server
Amazon RDS
Mapping Technology
Google Maps API
Operating Systems & Services
File Systems
Amazon S3, EC2
Other Technology
Adobe AIR
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